Hi everyone. Thanks for stopping by.

24HourOffice.ca is not a secretarial pool, phone answering service, a place to rent a physical office space, or anything like that.

What I do offer are tools to help you with your online presence. Some of these tools include, but are not limited to, Web Design, Online Learning, and Online Stores. Many of the programs and scripts I use are free to everyone, (some add-ons are not free) so it’s not like you’ll be paying someone to write programs especially for you, or paying for expensive programs. Two programs I like to use are WordPress (www.wordpress.org) and LiteCart (www.litecart.net)

So, if these programs are free, why do you need me? My main service is helping you set things up, and teaching you how to do things yourself. I can also offer hosting for your Online Learning site, if you need it.

You will probably notice that this is the only page you can access. This is done to show you that you can limit who can see what you have on your employee site. You can also block “strangers” from seeing this page.

So, to see the rest of the site, use:
(you may need to translate to English to read username and password properly)

Username – Employee-001

Password – Employee-001